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How to fix the «Call to a member function getStore() on null in app/code/WeltPixel/EnhancedEmail/Block/MenuLine.php:50» failure on a customer registration in WeltPixel Pearl 1.8.2? (2)
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How to fix the «Notice: Undefined index: 1.0000 in vendor/mirasvit/module-rewards/src/Rewards/Helper/Tier/Rule.php on line 65» bug in the Mirasvit's «Reward Points + Referral program»? (3)
How to fix the «Notice: Undefined index: 1.0000 in vendor/mirasvit/module-rewards/src/Rewards/Helper/Balance/Earn.php on line 253» bug in the Mirasvit's «Reward Points + Referral program»? (3)
How to fix the «Unexpected token , in JSON» issue with the «showCaption» parameter of a media gallery in a third-party design theme? (2)
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How to fix «Unable to process binding "blockLoader: function (){return isLoading }"»? (2)
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How to decrease the database size while using Mirasvit Cache Warmer? (1)
How to fix «TheList\Contactusemail\Controller\Index\Contactusemail» / «Extra parameters passed to parent construct»? (2)
How to fix the «Undefined offset: 1 in vendor/magento/framework/App/Utility/Files.php on line 748» failure on a `js-translation.json` HTTP request? (3)
How to fix the «Class MagePal\GmailSmtpApp\Model\Transport contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Magento\Framework\Mail\TransportInterface::getMessage)» Magento 2.2 issue? (2)
[aheadWorks Gift Card] How to fix the «Element 'remove': This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( attribute, block, referenceBlock, referenceContainer, container, move, uiComponent ).»? (2)
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MagePlaza OneStepCheckout: The `/onestepcheckout/` frontend page does not work: «Cannot read property 'is_region_required' of undefined» (8)
«Incorrect dependency in class OrangeHill\Article\Controller\Adminhtml\ArticleGrid\Save: \Magento\Framework\UrlInterface already exists in context object» (2)
«Namespace declaration statement has to be the very first statement in the script in OrangeHill/AjaxNewsletter/Controller/Kickstarter/Ajax.php» (2)
Amasty «Multi Warehouse Inventory» extension bug: «Could not save credit memo» (1)
«Notice: ob_end_flush(): failed to delete and flush buffer. No buffer to delete or flush in Dfl/Marketplace/Controller/Product/Exportcategory.php on line 76» (1)
How to fix the «[E_PARSE] syntax error, unexpected '0' (T_LNUMBER) in Wyomind/DataFeedManager/Helper/Attributes.php(223) : eval()'d code» failure (2)
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