Checkout Shipment Database Knockout Quote Testing Magento 2 software testing: PHPUnit, etc. Payment Customer Module_Security Vault Compilation Web API Sales Magento\Sales module is responsible for order processing and appearance in system,Magento\Sales module manages next system entities and flows: UI Components Rendering How does Magento 2 render its pages and screen elements?How to implement a custom interface or design? Backend Grid Tax The Magento_Tax module. magento/magento2/blob/2.1.3/app/code/Magento/Tax/ The Magento_Tax module includes the following: * configuration of the tax rates and rules to apply * configuration of tax classes that apply to: ** taxation on products ** taxation on shipping charges ** taxation on gift options (example: gift wrapping) * specification whether the consumption tax is "sales & use" (typically product prices are loaded without any tax) or "VAT" (typically product prices are loaded including tax) * specification of whether the tax total line can be toggled to display the tax details/subtotals * display of prices (presented with tax, without tax, or both with and without) The Magento_Tax module also handles special cases when computing tax, such as: * determining the tax on an individual item (for example, one that is being returned) when the original tax has been computed on the entire shopping cart ** example country: United States * being able to handle 2 or more tax rates that are applied separately (examples include a "luxury tax" on exclusive items) * being able to handle a subsequent tax rate that is applied after a previous one is applied (a "tax on tax" situation, which recently was a part of Canadian tax law)
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