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Is the JS/CSS minification going to be similar to the existing method in 1.13 where clearing JSS/CSS cache results in deleting the media/js and media/css directories completely rather than just the files? (2)
Does Magento 2.0 also support HHVM/HipHop? (3)
What is the best time to move from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0 for merchants? (2)
Is the 1.x support end of life also true for security releases? (2)
I want to know about the multi-warehouse inventory? It was not in Magento 1, will it be in Magento 2.0? M2? (2)
How do we make a POST request to Magento 2.0 API using Java with or without Authentication? Authentication can be Token based or Oauth? (1)
What the Magento 2 documentation site ( is built with? (1)
How to migrate from Magento 1 to 2? (1)
Does the data migration tool work for configurable products? (1)
Can someone explain more about asynchronous order creation please? (1)
When will Magento 2.0 be available with Elastic Search? (2)
Will Magento 2.0 be patched to support Elastic Search? (2)
Any improvements regarding reindexing? (2)
Can Magento 2.1 support MariaDB? (2)
Should I install Magento 2 from GitHub or from ZIP? (1)
Will the Enterprise Edition licensing fees be different for Magento 2.0 vs Magento 1? Have Magento 2.0 Enterprise Edition pricing details been announced? Will annual Magento Enterprise Edition costs stay the same? (3)
There is any improvement planned around the current resource setup system? Something more scalable like in Magento 1? (1)
Will be possible to share a basket over multiple stores again? (1)
What about the External libraries integration, like Bootstrap and Fontawsome , etc.? (1)
What options for Magento 2.0 development training will be introduced, other than the three slideshow sets? Will there be training courses? (1)
Do you have a list of hosts that are "approved" or "certified" (especially for Enterprise)? (1)
Will there be any workflow improvements to the CMS, e.g. Editor, Reviewer, Publisher? Will static blocks be getting any of the flexibility you've mentioned coming to CMS pages? (1)
What's the plan for B2B module? (1)
May I see a launched site list for Magento 2.0 please? (1)
Can the built in Magento 2.0 product import deal with all types of products (downloadable, bundle, etc.)? (1)
When can Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration script improvements & updates be expected? (1)
Have you work on a closer integration for content supplied through the Admin interface, and CDNs like Amazon CloudFront? E.g., if I upload an image in the CMS, will it replicate to a CDN automatically and use the CDN URI instead of the Magento URI? (1)
What’s new in Magento 2.0? (1)
As a dedicated Magento development agency, how do I become partner? (1)
Which of the presented features are Enterprise Edition vs Community Edition? (1)