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Where are the Magento Sample Modules Located? 1 January 6, 2016
Is there an eBay integration to Magento 2.0? 1 January 6, 2016
Are there any improvements for LESS compilation? 1 January 6, 2016
Is there any way/tools available to convert Magento 1 extensions to Magento 2.0? 1 January 6, 2016
I'm new in Magento (coming from other platforms such hybris), Most of the forums recommends learning Magento 1 first, then Magento 2. Do you think this is necessary or can I just start fresh in Magento 2? 1 January 6, 2016
I saw that you guys added composer into Magento 2.0, does this affect the development environment in the way I can use composer and install other php packages or is it just a part of the main Magento framework in general? 1 January 6, 2016
Will there be any possibility of deferring JS and CSS to the footer/bottom of the page? 1 January 6, 2016
What are the actual application speed gains without Varnish? 1 January 6, 2016
Do you have a suggested high availability, highly scalable architecture? 1 January 6, 2016
Is there a planned official Magento 2.0 development Vagrant box or some sort of virutal machine to help quickstart development? 1 January 6, 2016
Does Magento 2.0 also support PHP-FPM? 1 January 6, 2016