Magento Marketplace

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How is the Magento Marketplace authentication implemented on a backend Component Manager screen? 3 May 4, 2017
A new backend Component Manager 3 May 4, 2017
Will you in the future work on closer integration with Connect via the Magento Admin interface? 2 March 19, 2016
Will the new marketplace allow for free modules as opposed to Magento Connect? 2 March 19, 2016
Will it be possible to sell extensions through the new Marketplace, like on AppStore? Customer pays Magento and Magento pays to developer? 2 March 19, 2016
Will there be a (limited) beta to the Marketplace for merchants, to critique ease of installation and evaluate the quality of code reviews? 2 March 19, 2016
Is the Marketplace curation only for partners like it was for Connect? 2 March 19, 2016
How does the Marketplace module retrieves the Magento partners list 2 January 7, 2016