How to pass parameters from *.phtml to a JavaScript component using x-magento-init

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x-magento-init is the proper way to run some JavaScript code from a *.phtml template.
The official documentation refers such JavaScript code as a JavaScript component.
You can pass some parameters from PHP to JavaScript with x-magento-init.
An example from the core:

The code pass 3 parameters to the JavaScript component: attributesData, isSortable, isReadOnly.
How can the parameters be accessed by the component? Let’s look at its code:

As you can see, the component is an AMD module.
The module returns a function and the parameters are passed to the function like an object (named config in this case).

Then the component can use it, for example:


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Please note that your JavaScript component should be an AMD module so you shoud use top-level define function, not require.


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