How to implement backend form add/edit multiple image upload option like catalog product info page?


(Poongudivanan N) #1


How to implement custom module admin form add/edit multiple images upload option like catalog product info page (product images)

Any idea ?

(Poongudivanan N) #2


I found the solution for my question and implemented the feature in adminend like catalog product images upload.


(Александр Лукьяненко) #3

How did you solve your issue?

I need to assign Role for image, do you know how to assign image role?

(Poongudivanan N) #4

Yes, In screenshot image - have multiple attribute value for particular images.

Refer the image this is what you expect to implementing?

(Krupa Parikh) #5

hi ,

can you please share your code with us ?

(Poongudivanan N) #6

Find the github link may help you :

(Jaydeep Charadva) #7

Hello, There is missing files in given github source path.