I would need your Stripe payment extension for Magento 2 CE enabled only for selected customer groups and only for selected product attribute sets


(Mateusz) #4

I would also need one more customization. I need to assign different shipping cost (including a free option) based on attribute set. How much would you charge for that?

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #5

How is your new customization related to Stripe exactly?

(Mateusz) #6

It’s not. It would we a separate extension. I’m asking if you’re interested in extra work.

I would need two custom-written extensions:

  1. A Stripe payment gateway that can be enabled/disabled per customer group and per attribute type
  2. A shipping module that can be enabled/disabled per customer group.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #7

What does mean “per attribute type”?

(Mateusz) #8

Sorry, I meant attribute set.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #9

What does mean “enable a module per attribute set” exactly?

(Mateusz) #10

We sell products to both dealers and retail customers. But not all of them. Some products, for example scooters, can only be sold to dealers. Others, such as bicycles, can be sold to both dealers and to retail customers. Dealers never have to pay at the checkout. They use “To Be Billed” payment options, whereas customers, if allowed to purchase a given product, have to pay right away.

Here is a table that may help you understand it:


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #11

Provide me a use case when the Stripe payment option is eligible for the group of the current customer, but is not eligible for an ordered product.

(Mateusz) #12

If a retail customer added a scooter to cart, they would not be allowed to use Stripe’s payment gateway.

On the other hand, if a retail customer wanted to purchase a bicycle, the payment would be available to him or her.

(Mateusz) #13

Btw. you can email me directly at sobczak.mateusz@gmail.com, if that’s easier for you.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #14

OK, I can implement the Stripe payment module restriction per a customer group and per an attribute set for $250.

(Mateusz) #15


When you build the new extension, please build it as a single extension, not 20 or 30 separate extensions that make a mess:


Also, please make sure there is no exceptions:

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(Dmitry Fedyuk) #16

No, I will not change the structure of my modules.

(Mateusz) #17

That’s too bad. It’s a lot of clicking to enable/disable your module. And it makes it harder going through the list to find other modules.

I want to make sure we’re on the same page. Your payment module will allow me to to create a list of rules when the payment should be enabled, correct? I imagine an interface like this:
New photo by Mateusz Sobczak

Can you also add another table like this, with same interface for adding rules and call it “To Be Billed”? This would not process any payments. It would allow completing an order without paying, and say that the customer will be contacted later regarding paying for the order.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #18

$250 is the price for a predefined rule set.
If you need a backend interface with an ability to apply an arbitrary rule set as in your screenshot above, the implementation price will be doubled: $500.

(Mateusz) #19

That’s getting expensive. Can you at least add a textarea in the backend where I can put numbers like this:

3, 13;
3, 21;


Oh, and we’re using Magento 2.0

(Mateusz) #20

When can you have the extension ready?
If it’s going to take more than a week, I may have to look for other options.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #21

The extension is ready and widely used.
I just currently do not have time for low-paid custom work.

(Mateusz) #22

First you said “I’ll do it for $199”, then you said “it will cost $250” and then you change your mind and say “actually, it’s not worth the bother”. And this is after a week of sending messages back and forth.

Let me give you some advice. Next time don’t waste others’ time. Just say “sorry, I’m not interested”.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #23

OK, banned.