How to setting up the environment for fast development for magento 2?

Hello. Could you share your experience in setting up Magento 2 for development? The problem is that, for example, updating a product page without opcache takes about 4 seconds, and the main page about 800ms. And this greatly increases development time. Is it possible to enable caching only the magento core and the components of the composer? Or is it possible to somehow accelerate mysql?

Dmitry, the question is more likely for you, please share your experience.

P.S. I read Optimal Development Environment at official magento2 docs. But maybe you know the secrets not described in the documentation :slight_smile:

I use Redis, caches, indexes, nginx, php7.1 and mysql 5.7, memory limit 8GB, xdebug is disabled, http2. And I have a very fast SSD and I7 processor with a frequency of 2.9 GHz.

If you are not working on css then please merge the css and js from admin setting, can help
a lot to reduce the no. of request and boost the speed.