How is a mini-cart rendered?


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #1

How to pass a custom product attribute to the mini-cart?
How is the mini-cart's dropdown implemented?
(Magento Test) #2

How can i open minicart by default in my custom page?
and also i need always open when user click on anywhere
I am trying this code

var minicart = $(’.minicart-wrapper’);

But issue is how can i know mini cart is rendered completely and write this code any idea?

(Vin Martin) #3

Hello sir ,
can you please tell me in minicart where can we edit the buttons in like “view cart” and “checkout” buttons and from which files these buttons are displaying .can you tell me the path sir.

These cart items are displaying only on cart pages i need to display on all pages sir.
please let me know asap.
Thank you sir.

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Learn how to pay for my support “asap”, “sir”.

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How is the mini-cart’s dropdown implemented?