The zero-valued parameters are missed in the widget code, generated by the TinyMCE editor

How to fix: Magento 2 widget missing param with value = 0 after insert via TinyMCE Editor

Please publish the problem’s screenshot.

Some screenshots here:
Example i have a param name ‘show_title’ and configs:
Case 1:

  • Setting Value = 1:

  • Result in widget Short Code after press insert button, It missing ‘show_title’ param:

=> I want the shortcode get param: show_title=“0”


A simple solution is to use a custom dropdown control with non-zero value for the “No” option (for example, you can use the word “no” as the value).

Also, I recommend report it in the issue tracker:

Thanks for your reply. I have just think about that solution. But i can’t do it at my context ( It is a hard code and i have to update all related code if get it)

Hi guys,
I have post this issue at here: