Is it possible to make agreements fields not required?

Is it possible to make agreements fields on checkout billing screen not required? They are added from Stores -> Terms and Conditions in admin panel.

If it is not need then disable agreement

Thanks for reply.
I need agreements but some of them I need to make not required. It is possible to display field and turn off validation for that?
I found template which is responsible for rendering these fields (Magento_CheckoutAgreements/checkout/checkout-agreements) and some code like this:

<!-- ko ifnot: ($parent.isAgreementRequired($data)) -->
        <div class="checkout-agreement">
            <button type="button" class="action action-show"
                    data-bind="click: function(data, event) { return $parent.showContent(data, event) }">
                <span data-bind="html: checkboxText"></span>
        <!-- /ko -->

But i can’t find place where to set requirement option for field

Magento 2 also doing server side validation
File location is :


Also check below file:
It is resonsible for js validaton, you need to remove required class from below phtml file