[Checkout.com] What is a «Flagged» transaction?


	"id": "charge_test_253DB7144E5Z7A98EED4",
	"responseMessage": "40142 - Threshold Risk",
	"responseAdvancedInfo": "",
	"responseCode": "10100",
	"status": "Flagged",
	"authCode": "188986"

Hi Dmitry,

A transaction is “flagged” when it meets one or more Risk Rules set under the Risk Section of the Checkout.com hub.

It means that the transaction will remain in authorisation state and will not be “auto-captured”. This enables the merchant to perform additional verifications on the order(s) and decide whether to:

  1. Accept the payment and capture the transaction; or
  2. Void the order if it is a potential fraud or if for any other reason the merchant do not wish to complete the order.

I hope this helps.