Why does a saving a customer's address in his address book not work in my store?

In Magento 2, In checkout page they provide functionality to save address in account but it is not working for login users.

Please publish a screenshot with the problem illustration.

Please publish the full address.

First Name : Hello
Last Name : Hello
Address: 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor
New York, NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1-212-290-4700
Fax: +1-212-736-1300

Please publish the full address in the screenshot.

Please publish the full address from the first screenshot.

hello we added some other validation for postal code so it showing error.


any solution for that?

Please publish the full address from the first screenshot.

I am not sure know why are you asking for screenshot

I have just try with fresh magento and it is same problem.

I am login as customer and try to add new address on checkout and checked checkbox save into address book.

After place order, new added address not showing in manage address.

Magento 2 will not sane an address in an address book if it regarded it as incorrect.
It is the first screenshot case.
Moreover, Magento 2 uses a multi-level address validation (e.g., a phone number is validated in 7 places) so even if you cheat the system in some validation places, your address could be rejected in some other validation places.

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i enter right address but still not saving into address

Disable / remove all the extensions and other source code modifications.

i checked with fresh magento as well

magento2-demo.nexcess.net : that is demo provide by nexcess hosting

Use a 5-digits zip code instead of your 9-digits one.

i try and still not saving address.

If you want to check then i will share email id and pwd

May be an exception occured? Follow the article How to diagnose Magento 2 errors.

is that working for you? save address from checkout page?