How to override a checkout block?

How to override the checkout block?

which block?


you can override by di.xml


<preference for="Magento\Checkout\Block\Checkout\LayoutProcessor" type="Test\ModuelName\Block\Checkout\LayoutProcessor" />
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how did u overwrite block LayoutProcessor.php?

Can u please guide me?

Hai sunil,

I have done it.But it showing irrelavant issue.

Invalid block type: Magento\Checkout\Block\Onepage

Can you please write your code?

you need to write own namespace for same.

yes …i did.but not working

are you trying override private function?


Hi Sunil.

I want to override this Block

I want to turn City Field into dropdown.
Can I override in my custom module duplicating the LayoutProcessor.php file or I use di.xml as you suggested.

Thanks and Regards

Thanks for this amazing tutorial.

How did you override the below function

private function getBillingAddressComponent($paymentCode, $elements)

using preference

I am trying to override private function in LayoutProcessor.php, How do I achieve ?? Any ideas?

I have tried using plugin too. but still not working.

I want to override convertElementsToSelect from layoutProcessor block of core checkout module.

Please suggest me how to achieve this?