Why do I get the failure «Unable to place order, Please try again» while placing an order with the Braintree payment method?


I try to place order with my cc payment details.
i will get error message: “unable to place order, Please try again.”

View the debug log file we noticed below error message.
Issues is braintree responses.
’_attribute’ => ‘base’,
’_code’ => ‘91508’,
’_message’ => ‘Cannot determine payment method.’,

we try to debug the issue.
and noticed one of the transaction data missing from our payment request to braintree gateway

payment_method_nonce = NULL

So how to resolve the problem, Please advice me.

It’s only a guess!
Maybe because a wrong and mistake typo in braitree module
open file below
and then fix it by changing getCctypesMapper to getCcTypesMapper