The «weight» field is missing on a backend product creation screen, so the new product becomes virtual instead of simple

In magento2 product admin, when I am creating new product, then there is no weight field showing there due to which product is created as virtual not simple product. Please help me to solve this issue.


Publish a screenshot.

  1. , In this one product is of type simple because i have added weight field manually in the form.
  2. , when clicking on “Add product”, weight field is missing.

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How is the first screenshot related to the second one?

in first screenshot, there is one simple product. I have created that product by manually adding weight field during product creation using inspect element. So, just want to show that in the first screenshot. and in the second screenshot weight field is missing.

Why do you publish 2 screenshot instead of 1? Is your problem related to the first screenshot or to the second?

my problem is related to second, that weight field is missing and products creating are of virtual type instead of simple product

Check that:

  • the «weight» field is present in the used product attribute set
  • you choose the proper type for a new product on the product creation screen

yes, I have checked that weight field is present in that attribute set(default).

Hie Brst,

Please install fresh magento and match the eav_attribute,catalog_eav_attribute tables with the fresh database tables.
Hope that will resolve your problem