I need a single sign-on integration with Blackbaud NetCommunity


I’m wondering if you are interested in working with us on a custom SSO extension? If so, how do you charge? Documentation can be provided.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Please attach the documentation here.

Hey, I can’t seem to attach PDF. I’ll email it to you.


The single sign-on integration between Magento 2 and Blackbaud NetCommunity will cost $1500.
The integration will be bi-directional: incoming and outgoing (as it described in the documentation).
2 years of support is included.

Thank you. May I ask for estimated time of delivery ?

Not more than 10 days.

Awesome. I’ll get back to you on decision shortly.

Sorry @dmitry_fedyuk - there’s one last thing. Our instance has the Sixto SAML SSO integration as well. Will these two work together?

This is the extension:


How is the «Sixto SAML SSO integration» used in your store?

It’s used on certain sites only. Some sites would implement SAML SSO and some will use this Blackbaud SSO.

If the «Sixto SAML SSO integration» and «Blackbaud NetCommunity» extensions will work on different sites, then how they should work together?

Let’s mandate a rule now - IF SAML SSO Is turned ON, then Blackbaud will not work.

I think that will solve it?

Usually a Magento module has an option to turn this module on or off.

Yes in SAML, we can turn ON/OFF for each site. So, if SAML is ON, then Blackbaud should be OFF.

Is there a way for you to check to ensure that there are no other SSO turned on? If Blackbaud is on?

I think easiest to is from our side to enforce that a site can use only one - either SAML or Blackbaud. Not both (it won’t happen anyway since any institution would only invest in one IdP).

So, should be ok with this assumption.

I do not understand what is the problem if you can turn on or off each module manually for each site.

That’s what I meant - our staff will turn on/off the module for each site. You just provide the config on a per site and we’ll manage the config.

If we’re in agreement - Blackbaud extension has site-level config, you can send me the invoice.


I have sent it.

Got it. Thanks. Will complete transaction once I get the approval.