How to use the HTTPS protocol for the frontend account and checkout pages only, and the HTTP protocol for all the rest frontend pages?


(Sunil Patel) #1


Let’s example i want to make HTTPS for my account and checkout page.

I did setting in backend and now HTTPS working fine.

Now example: i am at home page with https URL, In magento 2 all URL is showing HTTPS like product page,category page, it should be HTTP URL not https.

(Sunil Patel) #2

Is there any way to do? In magento 1 working fine that setting.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #3

What «setting» do you use for Magento 1?

(Sunil Patel) #4

In Un secure Base URL :- without HPPS and secure url with https

In Magento 2:-
all menu link, product page links go to HTTPS, it should be HTTP.