A credit memo is not created in Magento when a payment is refunded through the Stripe backend


(Chatphum Wicrew) #1

Everything work fine but when i refunded order on stripe website log about refund was created

but a credit memo on order not create and not refund anything. I’m not sure where i missing something. i’m already copy webhook in configuration and put to stripe website.

Here is my setting


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #2

What does the phrase «i refunded order on stripe website log about refund was created» mean?
For me it looks like a nonsense mix of English words…

(Chatphum Wicrew) #3

Sorry for my English!

Here is the scenario,

  1. We tried to refund Stripe via Stripe backend, everything was fine, transaction created
  2. At Magento backend, we got refund log from your Mage2.pro module that there was the refund - which means the webhook was working.
  3. When we checked with the order information, there was nothing updated. No refund on order, credit memo.

According to the screenshot of our setting above, please review and let us know what we are missing.
Please suggest us how to make it work.


(Dmitry Fedyuk) #4

I have fixed it in the 1.6.14 version.
The fix will work only for the payments which are made after the extension update.