How to add an additional checkout validation message below shipping address form (step 1)?

Hi there,

I can’t find a way to show an additional checkout validation message below the shipping form: “Please fill out all fields above.”

The problem with the current checkout field validation is that it is not user friendly. The page does not scroll / notifies the user that there are invalid fields above the fold.

Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Clarke

Please publish a screenshot of the problem page.


  1. User fills out the fields
  2. Scrolls down and submits the form
  3. User is not notified of invalid field

The problem is that the invalid field message is above the field, so the user does not see that his field is invalid.

The solution may be an extra notification “Some fields are invalid. Please check the fields above.”
Auto scroll to the first invalid field.

I recommend to add your own JavaScript validatior error handler.