How to detect the changed Magento 2 entities if they could be changed without updating the stantard «updated_at» field?

I created one module in which if updated_at is changed then i update the feed which will send data to third party.if data Import process was done through “ERP” Or “any other direct Db update approach” in to Magento and updated_at was not changed in DB then on which bases i should update product’s data in feed ?

Because of large data set i can’t update feed every data.i want to update only specific products only based on updated date.

If an an extension does not update the standard Magento 2 updated_at field for an undated standard Magento entity, then it is definitely should be treated as a bug of that extension.
The best way to solve it is to ask the extension’s developer to fix the bug.

Another solution would be a dynamical detection on the changed Magento entities.
It is much more complex than the best solution above.
A dynamical detection would be implemented using the hashing.

Thank you Dmitry Fedyuk for your solution.I am planning to check record with some required information to update i.e price,name,decription,stock with checksum mechanism because every extensions and magento itself have bugs and we cant say to every customer that this is bug in magento or other ERP software.