[Klarna][Checkout v2] Why does an order API request for Denmark lead to the «not_accepted_purchase_country» response?

My request parameters:

    "locale": "da-dk",
    "merchant": {
        "id": "7765",
    "purchase_country": "DK",
    "purchase_currency": "DKK",
    "shipping_address": {
        "country": "DK",
        "postal_code": "00100",

The Klarna’s server responds:

    "http_status_code": 403,
    "http_status_message": "Forbidden",
    "internal_message": "not_accepted_purchase_country"

Denmark is listed as a Klarna’s supported country.

It is also listed in my merchants account:

I use the version 2 of the Klarna’s checkout API

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I have got an answer from the Klarna’s support:

Klarna Checkout is not available for Denmark.
We only support our regular invoice and part payments product.
The API responds with not_accepted_purchase_country because Denmark is not an accepted purchase country.