How to get a Google OAuth 2.0 client ID

For now, the Google OAuth 2.0 client ID is used only by the «Backend Login with Google Account» extension.

You will need to set it for the option «Mage2.PRO» → «APIs» → «Google» → «OAuth 2.0 Client ID»

A step by step guide for creating the Google OAuth 2.0 client ID is below.
See also an alternative documentation here:

Step 1

Create a project in the Google Developers Console or select an existing one.

Step 2

Open the API Manager.

Step 3

Setup the OAuth consent screen.

Step 4

  1. Open the Credentials tab in the left sidebar menu.
  • Open the Credentials tab at the top of the central area.
  • Press the Add credentials button.
  • Select the OAuth 2.0 client ID menu item in the dropdown menu:

Step 5

  1. Select the Web application radio button in the Application type section.
  • Set the Name field value.
  • Specify the Authorized JavaScript origins: set your store’s root urls without subpaths here.
  • Press the Create button.

Step 6

The system will show you OAuth client id and secret:

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