How to get a Google OAuth 2.0 client ID

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #1

For now, the Google OAuth 2.0 client ID is used only by the «Backend Login with Google Account» extension.

You will need to set it for the option «Mage2.PRO» → «APIs» → «Google» → «OAuth 2.0 Client ID»

A step by step guide for creating the Google OAuth 2.0 client ID is below.
See also an alternative documentation here:

Step 1

Create a project in the Google Developers Console or select an existing one.

Step 2

Open the API Manager.

Step 3

Setup the OAuth consent screen.

Step 4

  1. Open the Credentials tab in the left sidebar menu.
  • Open the Credentials tab at the top of the central area.
  • Press the Add credentials button.
  • Select the OAuth 2.0 client ID menu item in the dropdown menu:

Step 5

  1. Select the Web application radio button in the Application type section.
  • Set the Name field value.
  • Specify the Authorized JavaScript origins: set your store’s root urls without subpaths here.
  • Press the Create button.

Step 6

The system will show you OAuth client id and secret: