Does allPay have minimum and maximum amount limitations on a single payment?

I did not find such information on the website.

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I have got an answer from allPay support (they always respond in Chinese even if a question was asked in English):




  • WEB ATM: 單筆3萬元額度上限
  • ATM櫃員機: 使用"轉帳"功能,單筆上限為3萬元;使用"繳費"功能,可超過3萬上限。
  • 超商代碼付款: 單筆2萬元額度上限。
  • 歐付寶帳戶: 依付款方的會員級別而定。
  • 信用卡: 依付款方的會員級別以及信用卡本身可用的額度而定。

As I understand:

  • ATM, WebATM: upper limit for a single payment is 30.000 TWD.
  • Barcode, CVS: upper limit for a single payment is 20.000 TWD.
  • Bank Card: upper limit depends on a merchant’s membership level within allPay and on the bank card itself.

It is implemented in my extension: