SecurePay responds «Invalid Fingerprint» in the test mode

I am testing Magento 2 SecurePay ext and get this error:

Payment info (test card)

The checkout process stops at “Invalid fingerprint” screen. Could you help?

P/s: In Live mode, checkout process works.

Where can I check it?

The site is not available yet. Does test mode work on your side? Do you get this error?

It looks like the test API credentials have been changed.
I have asked the SecurePay support about it.

Unlike the most of other payment service providers, SecurePay does not provide separate test accounts for each developer and uses the common test API credentials (ABC0001 / abc123), but it looks like they do not work anymore.

Thank you, that makes sense a lot. Do you need to make another build to fix that? Or I can fix it on my side?

Do you know the correct API credentials for testing?

Sorry I don’t. Is that shown in account dashboard of SecurePay? In that case, I need to ask customer.

Btw, the email sending issue is more important to me. Could you please take a look at that first?

Obviously, Magento will not send an order email, if the payment is failed.

SecurePay has changed the URL for Direct Post API testing

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