A receipt email is not sent when the order is paid by SecurePay on localhost

Why do other payment methods send order email to customer after successful checkout but SecurePay doesn’t?

I have tested in live mode but got no email back.

It should. Where can I check it?

The site is not available yet. I use Mailtrap for checking email flow. Could not get email when choose SecurePay payment. Anyone get same issue like me?

I would like to move the discussion here.

Obviously, Magento will not send an order email, if the payment is failed.

I paid in Live mode, which actually has successful transaction in bank account. And Magento display Successful screen.

To make it clear:

  • Test mode is failed (Invalid Fingerprint)
  • Live mode works (but no email was sent)

I do not have a live SecurePay merchant account, so I am unable to reproduce it now.

My SecurePay extension sends a recept email to the customer when SecurePay confirms the payment by a webhook callback.
When you are testing on a localhost, such callbacks are unavailable, so the receipt email is not sent, and, moreover, Magento treats the order as unpaid because it did not get the payment confirmation from the payment service provider.

Thanks for your guide. I have a staging server hosted for testing. I checked on that server, not my local machine. How could I know that callbacks are unavailable or not? Any log?

Somehow I do not see checkbox to enable Log as in your instruction.

Here is screenshot

Where can I check your staging server?

Hi @dmitry_fedyuk,
I have resolved the problem. It was the Http Auth which blocks callback requests from SecurePay/DirectPost to webhook on our server. That’s why payment was not treated as done. Thanks for your suggestion earlier.

Warm regards.