[Cardinity] How to get a test access to the API?

Write to info@cardinity.com

I have got an answer from Cardinality:

Here is your Cardinity account login details:
Login: testaccount
Password: testing

All test transactions will be shown on Payments --> Payments List page (just click on the Mode: LIVE button to enable the TEST mode).

Your TEST API credentials:
Consumer Key: test_xwtk3yqf1xfjw4o0yi3gc45bccfuoa
Consumer: Secret: hntcg2mri0a9ghvaigtoyplm8acjbnd1hkyoudhbs0pdtd6qch

Integrate your system with Cardinity API and make a couple of test transactions. Then, please, let us know when you are done so we could check from our side.

Information for developers on how to integrate Cardinity payments:
a) Developer’s guide can be found here: https://developers.cardinity.com/api/v1/ (description how to integrate Cardinity)
b) We also have the developer kits (Cardinity payment libraries) that allows you to easily integrate Cardinity into your custom made project and accept card payments.
PHP and JAVA libraries can be found here: https://github.com/cardinity/cardinity-sdk-php and https://github.com/cardinity/cardinity-sdk-java
c) We have special modules for major e-commerce platforms: PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, Oxid eSales, Open-Cart and others:
All information can be found here: https://cardinity.com/merchant-accounts/integration/