What do I need to have in order before accepting credit card payments through Kassa Compleet?

In order to also be able to accept credit card payments in Kassa Compleet, you must comply
with these terms & conditions:

  • You comply with the terms & conditions for Kassa Compleet;
  • You comply with the conditions stated in What do I need to have in order before applying
    for Kassa Compleet?
  • The following items must be clearly stated on your website for your customers:
    • Your privacy statement, in which you explain how you handle the personal information of
      visitors to your website;
    • Your return policy: your customers are entitled to return the article ordered within fourteen
    • Your conditions of delivery: legally you are obliged to deliver within thirty days, unless you
      agree a different delivery time;
  • Your domain is registered in the company name;
  • Do you also deliver to other countries? Then your website, including the general terms &
    conditions and privacy statement, must also be available to your customers in English.

The overview above provides only the most important conditions in order to be able to apply
for Kassa Compleet.