I want to provide iDEAL only in my webshop. Would a Kassa Compleet subscription be better, or should I apply for an iDEAL-only subscription?

Kassa Compleet provides the iDEAL payment method as standard. A lower transaction rate
applies for an iDEAL transaction within Kassa Compleet than for an iDEAL transaction within
a separate iDEAL subscription.

The advantage of Kassa Compleet is that you can also easily provide other payment options, such as credit cards, in addition to iDEAL.
In addition, Kassa Compleet provides a well-organised dashboard in which you can generate a number of reports and follow the status of several payments.
You can also choose how often you want Kassa Compleet payouts to take place and you can link more webshops to one subscription.