[Kassa Compleet] What changes in my contract are permitted?

You can submit changes via the Kassa Complete portal.

This you can change (a check is necessary before the change can be implemented):

  • Add a new webshop;
  • Apply for a new payment option for a webshop;
  • Your company name so that this complies with the name in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce;
  • The name of your webshop;
  • The details of the general contact person in your company;
  • Provide another Business Account to where your turnover is transferred;
  • Your office address and location.

This you can change yourself. No checks are necessary. The change is implemented

  • The status of your webshop;
  • The webhook of your webshop;
  • Switching a payment option on and off per webshop: once a payment option has been
    approved for a webshop, you can switch this on and off as you wish;
  • Your payout frequency;
  • The details of the financial and/or technical contact person in your company.

This you cannot change:

  • Your email address. This is a unique field that is linked to your account.
  • Your URL. Your web address /URL is a unique information item for an added webshop. If you
    wish to modify your URL, then you can add a new webshop to your account.