Differences between the Kassa Compleet and Ginger Payments APIs

API is almost the same. Name of payment methods differ a bit.
Banktransfer is called bank-transfer in ING, and sepa-debit-transfer in Ginger.

Also ING offers cash-on-delivery, while Ginger does not offer it.

It looks like Ginger Payments documents only iDEAL payments.
I did not find any API documentation for the other payment methods.

Kassa Compleet documents also:

Next to ideal, the following payment methods are also available:

These methods work the same as iDEAL; a redirect URL is returned. We will also update the documentation.

As I noticed, Kassa Compleet and Ginger Payments use different formats for the «order_lines/order_line/vat_percentage» property of a «POST /v1/orders/» request

It looks like SOFORT is also unavailable with Kassa Compleet.

This will be synced soon.