What advantages do I have from paying with SOFORT?

You have a lot of advantages:

  • In particular, you can expect faster delivery of the goods you order online, because the merchant receives confirmation of the transaction immediately after you set up the transfer order, so he can dispatch merchandise very quickly.
  • With SOFORT you don’t need to register.
  • You don’t require a credit card, learn new passwords, or go to the effort of keeping a virtual bank account, such as a wallet.
  • Thanks to the two-stage authentication procedure (with confidential login details and confirmation code) using SOFORT is more secure than paying with a credit card or eWallet.
  • Additionally, you have the advantage of not needing to type in information a second time, which is potentially a source of error.
  • All payment information that the bank requires for the transfer is already there.
    That’s what makes this payment method so convenient.