If I buy the exclusive rights for a Mage2.PRO extension, will I get support for my another Magento 1.x extension for free?

Hello Dmitry,
The management has approved the request,
Does the service and support include Magento Plugin Version 1.9x as well?

No, it is only for Magento 2.

In this case, can I get the invoice for both 1.9x and 2.0x services sent to jarvis@omise.co ? thanks!

  1. I have just sent a new invoice for my Magento 2 extension and services for it.
    The new invoice and its terms are eligible only the next 2 weeks and could be changed if the invoice is not paid.

  2. As I already said, in the past I have implemented 25 payment extensions for Magento 1.x (for the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).
    Now I generally do not work with Magento 1.x because it is outdated (Magento 2 was released 1.5 years ago).
    If you really need my service for Magento 1.x (maybe you have big clients on it?) then I can do an exception for you, but it will cost 2.5 times the same Magento 2 software and services.
    So I do not know whether it is convenient for you, and may be it would be better for you to hire somebody else for this legacy system.

Yes, we have large client on Magento 1.x. So the fee would be at (6990 x 2.5) 17,250 USD?

14975, because the first invoice is for 5990, not 6990.

on more question, do you also sell Magento 2.x single license with Omise Internet Banking feature?

There is no Internet Banking feature yet in my Omise extension, because when I sell retail licenses, it is usually much more profitable for me to invest my time in a new extension than implement yet another feature to an existing local market targeted extension.

So, from our last conversation in January, I have preferred to implement 4 new payment gateway integrations:

  1. Paymill (Germany)

By the way, 2 and 3 has the Internet Banking feature (see Kassa Compleet, for example).

If you buy the exclusive rights license, you get new features in 2 weeks, I have already answered it in January: How much time is required to add a new feature to a Mage2.PRO payment extension?.

If not, then there are about 400 payment service providers in the world, so it is more probably I will work with another payment service provider in the next months.

My retail customers can order a new feature for my payment extension using my payment extension customization service.
So, any buyer of my retail license can then order this customization service and add a desired feature to the extension in 2 weeks.

Today I have released yet another payment extension with the Internet Banking feature for one of your neighbour countries (Malaysia): https://mage2.pro/c/extensions/ipay88