«PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase not found in mage2pro\core\Core\TestCase.php»

Hello Dimitry,

We paid you for the extension yesterday for domain: sanasafinaz.com
I tried to install myself this extension on magento 2.1 but I am getting this error Phpunit_framework_testcase’ not found in app/vendor/mage2pro/2checkout/…

Please tell me how to fix this issue ?


Publish the full file name here.

\vendor\mage2pro\core\Core\TestCase.php on line 14 PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase class not found

It is fixed in the 2.4.25 version of the mage2pro/core package.
Reinstall the extension.

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I tried to do this but when i git push to my server I am getting same error,

‘Fatal error: Class ‘PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase’ not found in /app/vendor/mage2pro/core/Core/TestCase.php on line 14’

Please update your main git code so it get resolved, I can’t run composer files on production server…

It looks like all of your problems are because you have ignored the installation instruction. You should strictly follow it, I do not support other methods.