Should I duplicate my post in multiple places?

Hi after an update to 2.1.6 the checkout page is going in loop i means it keep loading and nothing is happening, upon checking in inspect elements its showing files from the stripe extension are not loading and getting 404 error Can you please fix this issue for me asap. please let me know if you require login details,


What is the purpose to duplicate your post in multiple places?

Hi i am waiting for the solution a fix for this issue as i bought the extension and you are liable to provide the support for the extension because after an update its having all these issues. So far i have disable the DF_checkout and now the checkout page is visible and but when i go to test stripe mode and add any card to test the payments i am getting error Request does not match any route.


Learn it again: Where and how to report a Mage2.PRO extension’s issue?
Try to read the rules an understand it, it is not a rocket science.