Where and how to report a Mage2.PRO extension's issue?

The preferred place to report an issue in a Mage2.PRO extension is the corresponding forum branch.
It allows to share the knowledge about an extension in a single, publicly available place.
For this reason, do not report the issues by emails or private messages.
Use email or private messages only for an additional sensitive information (e.g. credentials).

If you have a low-level issue (e.g. a PHP error/exception with a backtrace on the screen), then please report it in an extension’s issue tracker on GitHub: https://github.com/mage2pro

Reporting rules

  1. A report should always contain a screenshot.
  2. If your screenshot contains a diagnostic message or another meaningful text, then always duplicate it in the textual form.
  3. Place an exact diagnostic message to an issue’s title. Do not use generic titles.
  4. Use separate topics for separate issues. Do not post multiple issues in a single topic.

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