Checkout issues

Hi Dmitri

I feel like we have not solved any of the checkout issues our customers experience on a daily basis. I was hoping your support and payment Processing knowledge and experience would solve these strange issues that are haunting our store.

Im going to try a different approach… currently one of our best customers can not checkout.

Can you please go to their cart and try to check them out so you can see why it fails ?

  1. Login to live admin (
  2. Find customer by filtering name : search keyword « Taken » and it will bring up full name Takenobu Sawada
  3. Use link “login as customer” to login to front end of their account
  4. Go to cart checkout
  5. Choose stripe payment method saved card ending in 2999
  6. Shipping DHL worldwide express
    7 subtotal is around 10,700 with about 730 items in cart
    8 capture checkout failure message or if approved find why order success page doesn’t load


Learn the reporting rules here: Where and how to report a Mage2.PRO extension's issue?
THERE ARE ONLY 4 RULES, not 10, not 100.
Is it a rocket science to understand and implement 4 rules?
Why should I always remind about it?!