Where should I upload images?

Kindly find the attached screen shot. I am facing issue in checkout blank issue. Please provide me a solid solution on it.

Thanks in Advacne

Please upload images to the forum instead of third-party services.


I am using the mage2pro extension for payment method. But when I transfer the website on another server then getting blank page and Window.checkout config is undefined error. Please check the fronend screenshot: https://prnt.sc/gacwjc and also check the admin mage2pro screenshot: http://prntscr.com/gb8gjg .

It is working fine on previous aws server. But now I have to check that on 2 different apache server. It’s not working and getting blank page on checkout.

As per my R&D this issue comes for mage2pro. So, please check and suggest me about this issue. I want to fix this. IF any forum then send me the link, further I will discuss there.

Note: All database and files are same. It’s working on previous server. But after transfer same files and database, getting checkout page is blank. Please suggest.

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Read my previous post carefully.

Please check here the checkout page

You can add any product to cart and then click on go to checkout button.

Checkout page is blank. Checkout functionality is not working here. I used mage2pro. You can review the same.

OK, I see you do not understand me, so I have re-uploaded your images myself:

Unfortunately, I do not debug third-party remote localhosts.

I am a license buyer. I don’t want to debug you. I just want to suggest you the solution. Because I seen, you fixed lots of problem like this.

As per you experience, can you suggest me the solution. If I got any error then I will fix this, I also enabled the error mode but still get only blank page.

So please suggest the solution, If you faced any same issue before !


Provide screenshots from a publicly available server, not localhost.
E.g., from your toptechgigs.com website.

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I have only one issue, checkout page is blank. I need to fix this. If you have any knowledge/experience about this issue then let me know otherwise leave it.

Where and how to report a Mage2.PRO extension’s issue?