[Moip] The available payment options

1. Bank cards

1.1. International

1.2. Local

  • Hipercard (It is a Brazilian credit card brand owned by Itau. Hipercard is next to MasterCard and Visa one of the popular credit cards used for online purchases in Brazil.)
  • Itaucard 2.0 (Cartão Hiper) (It is a rebranded version of Hipercard with some differences in terms. While Hipercard is issued by multiple banks, Cartão Hiper is isued only by Itaú bank.)
  • Elo (It is one of the major domestic debit and credit card brands of Brazil that can be used for online purchases. More than 50 million Elo cards have been issued.)
  • Oi Paggo (an English description)

1A. Installment plans (with a bank card)

2. Online banking

  • Itaú Unibanco (the largest Brazilian and Latin American bank by assets, and the 10th largest bank in the world by market value)
  • Banco do Brasil (the second largest Brazilian and Latin American bank by assets)
  • Banco Bradesco (it was the largest private bank in Brazil until Banco Itaú and Unibanco merged in 2009)
  • Banco Santander (Banco Real)
  • Banco Banrisul (it is the largest bank in Southern Brazil and operates primarily in the state of Rio Grande do Sul).

3. Credit purchase

4. Offline

  • Boleto Bancário (It is the preferred Brazilian payment method that acts as a ‘pro-forma invoice’. Brazilian consumers can complete their online purchases by paying cash at physical stores or use internet banking.)

5. Moip balance

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