Can I get support for free, if I do not want to make a screenshot of my problem?

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Is the stored payment methods in the /customer/account/ supposed to work?
I can see that the extension is saving the customers details correctly, as I can see it offers me to re-use the card during the checkout process if the customer account has used a credit card before, however when I click through to the account management section ,the system says “You have no stored payment methods.” Should the cards be listed/managed here for the customer?
I could not see any errors in the logs.

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Publish a screenshot with the message.

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No problem, find attached:
Customer has created an account previously and made 2 sales. 1st sale, save credit card.
Below are from the 2nd purchase flow.

  1. You can see it has saved the credit card for user, so this is working as expected.

  2. Here it states here there are no stored payment methods, where the customer can modify/remove etc.
    URL: /vault/cards/listaction/

From what I can see there is no errors in the logs.

Is this expected behaviour?

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Publish the full page screenshot here.

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Thanks , let me know what you need, there should be enough relevant information to answer the question?

Thanks for your quick response, really appreciate it :smile:

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Publish the full page screenshot here.
Otherwise, the topic will be closed.

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Its a product question, I don’t see why you need full screenshots? Please explain thanks .
If you’d like access to our test server let me know.

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