OroCRM and OroCommerce services

OroCRM and OroCommerce are open source CRM and B2B eCommerce applications built by Magento co-founder / former CTO and other former Magento 1.x employees on the top of their open source business application platform (Oro Platform).

I use OroCRM for my projects because:

  • it has native Magento 2 and 1.x integrations
  • it is much more customizable than SaaS alternatives like Salesforce (because OroCRM is open source)
  • it is cheaper for me than SaaS alternatives (it takes my time to support, but does not have a license fee).
  • it has a quality software architecture (which lowers support costs) unlike other open source alternatives I have reviewed (e.g. SuiteCRM).

I also have implemented a custom ERP / accounting application for my internal needs on the top of Oro Platform.

Using these technologies for myself, now I start provide OroCRM and OroCommerce related services.
What is already available: