[iPay88] What does the «Payment Not Allow» API response mean?

(Shivendra Singh Rathore) #1

Hi Dmitry,

We have checked the installed extension. Right now it is giving error when we try to do a test payment. Below is the error.

    "Redirect Params": {
        "RefNo": "000000007",
        "Amount": "1.00",
        "BackendURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/confirm",
        "Currency": "MYR",
        "Lang": "UTF-8",
        "MerchantCode": "M10000",
        "PaymentId": "168",
        "ProdDesc": "CK2-20700628 SILVER With Different Sizes",
        "Remark": "***",
        "ResponseURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/customerReturn",
        "UserContact": "03434343434",
        "UserEmail": "***",
        "UserName": "***",
        "Signature": "LrngJffLKtGbni5QHFK+g9LLtpQ="
    "Redirect URL": "https://www.mobile88.com/epayment/entry.asp"

Customer Return:

    "MerchantCode": "M10000",
    "PaymentId": "168",
    "RefNo": "000000007",
    "Amount": "1.00",
    "Currency": "MYR",
    "Remark": "*** // 000000007",
    "TransId": "T123357552400",
    "AuthCode": "",
    "Status": "0",
    "ErrDesc": "Invalid parameters(Payment Not Allow)",
    "Signature": "",
    "HiddenToURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/customerReturn",
    "ActionType": "",
    "TokenId": "",
    "CCCOriTokenId": "",
    "PromoCode": "",
    "DiscountedAmount": "",
    "MTVersion": "",
    "MTLogId": ""

Please help to fix this and let me know if you need any other details.

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #2

The technical specification does not describe the «Payment Not Allow» response, but it describes some similar responses:

So I recommend:

  1. Check solutions for these similar responses.