[iPay88] What does the «Payment Not Allow» API response mean?

Hi Dmitry,

We have checked the installed extension. Right now it is giving error when we try to do a test payment. Below is the error.

    "Redirect Params": {
        "RefNo": "000000007",
        "Amount": "1.00",
        "BackendURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/confirm",
        "Currency": "MYR",
        "Lang": "UTF-8",
        "MerchantCode": "M10000",
        "PaymentId": "168",
        "ProdDesc": "CK2-20700628 SILVER With Different Sizes",
        "Remark": "***",
        "ResponseURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/customerReturn",
        "UserContact": "03434343434",
        "UserEmail": "***",
        "UserName": "***",
        "Signature": "LrngJffLKtGbni5QHFK+g9LLtpQ="
    "Redirect URL": "https://www.mobile88.com/epayment/entry.asp"

Customer Return:

    "MerchantCode": "M10000",
    "PaymentId": "168",
    "RefNo": "000000007",
    "Amount": "1.00",
    "Currency": "MYR",
    "Remark": "*** // 000000007",
    "TransId": "T123357552400",
    "AuthCode": "",
    "Status": "0",
    "ErrDesc": "Invalid parameters(Payment Not Allow)",
    "Signature": "",
    "HiddenToURL": "http://***/default/dfe-ipay88/customerReturn",
    "ActionType": "",
    "TokenId": "",
    "CCCOriTokenId": "",
    "PromoCode": "",
    "DiscountedAmount": "",
    "MTVersion": "",
    "MTLogId": ""

Please help to fix this and let me know if you need any other details.

The technical specification does not describe the «Payment Not Allow» response, but it describes some similar responses:

So I recommend:

  1. Check solutions for these similar responses.