mage2pro/core 2.8.19 can break some backend pages

Hello good day,

We were trying to test out your stripe extension. We followed the installation instructions and everything went smoothly. However we lost the access to our magento2 backend.

Would there be any chance you could have a quick look to see if the installation was successful or not. We had taken a full backup of cpanel before installing so we are not panicking at all we would just really like to test this extension out.

I provide my installation and support services only to the paying customers.
There is no way for you to get these services for free.

Thanks for replying quickly.

How can we make payment please?

There are 2 ways:

  • You can restore your website yourself, and then just buy the extension, and I will install it for free.
  • You can order my generic support service, and then I will try to repair your website and correct your installation mistakes.

Hello Paul,
Thanks for purchasing the Stripe extension!
I have investigated your problem and added a workaround to my mage2pro/core package.
To fix your issue, you can just upgrade your installation.
Or I can reinstall the extension myself.

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