Magento 2 monthly support service

You can order the Magento 2 technical support service using the PayPal form below.

Response time:

  • within 2 hours in our working time: Monday - Friday, 9-18 (UTC)
  • within 12 hours outside the working time

Support channels

  • Private support system
  • Private forum messages
  • Public forum topics

Support scope:

1 support package is limited to 2 your websites. If you need a support for 3 or more websites then you should buy multiple support packages.

See also:

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How to pay the support service?

@Will_Liu Now you can hire me in Upwork only:

I’m a experienced developer as well, but new to magento. I need the solution for this post Where is the code snippets of searching products associated with this category in Search Index?.
How many hours do I need to hire?

@Will_Liu Working with middlemen is unprofitable, so I work with direct site owners only, who are already earning real exact revenue from they real established websites.

It’s our company’s site. I’m not the middleman.