How to pay for a Mage2.PRO module without PayPal?

(Donia El Fouly) #1

I need to purchase this plugin .
Kindly create an invoice and send it to to be paid.

I tried paying through paypal but it didn’t accept my card.

Looking forward to your soonest reply,

(Dmitry Fedyuk) #3

If you are unable to pay via PayPal, then you can pay via Upwork.
My Upwork account is here:
Create a job posting with the title: “Install the Mage2.PRO «<module name>» module to Magento 2”.
E.g.: “Install the Mage2.PRO «Price Format» module to Magento 2”.
Add the «Magento» and «Magento 2» tags to the job posting.
And then invite me to the job.
Upwork takes 20% fee from freelancers, so add these 20% to the module’s price.