How to make an extra payment with a Braintree token?

How to capture amount through customer credit card token ?

For example customer placed an order $100.
i can capture $100 by invoice with capture online.
but i want to capture extra $15 amount.
I have enabled forcefully vault feature in frontend.

It depends on a payment service provider.

I am using braintree payment credit cards.
I don’t need paypal through braintree.
can you help me on this?
$sql = “SELECT payment_token_id FROM vault_payment_token_order_payment_link WHERE order_payment_id=’” . $paymentId . “’”;
$res = $this->connection->fetchCol($sql);
if (isset($res[0])) {
$paymentTokenId = $res[0];

I can help only on the terms of my support service.

sorry, i’m a developer. i can’t afford.