«Call to undefined method Df\Zf\Filter\StringTrim::v() in mage2pro/core/Payment/Method.php on line 1305»

My Checkout sometimes fails on next step

s:157:“Fatal Error: ‘Call to undefined method Df\Zf\Filter\StringTrim::v()’ in ‘/home/sandbox/public_html/mage/vendor/mage2pro/core/Payment/Method.php’ on line 1305”;

I do not know why it is.
The referred code looks correct:

If you have already bought the license for my extension, then I can debug your website.

Or maybe you have the full call stack? In this case I can try to reproduce it locally.

This error happened before the update (core 2.8.22, Stripe 1.9.24), now i can’t reproduce it.
pm sent on license details.