How to implement recurring payments using Stripe or another Mage2.PRO extension?

Hello Dmitry,

We were wondering if the stripe module will allow us to do recurring monthly payment in Magento2. If not could you suggest how we could do this.

Do you have any other extensions that can do this? Except for PayPal though as we are not wanting to use them for various reasons.

None of my payment extensions for the United Kingdom market support recurring payments, though I have a similar feature (installment plans) for other markets:

«Moip» payment extension (Brazil)

I can implement the recurring payments feature (or the installment plans feature) for any my payment extension (if the payment service provider supports it) on the terms of my payment extension customization service.
For Stripe it will cost $900.
If anybody will order it, then the feature will be immediately available to the all Stripe extension clients through an ordinary GitHub release.